Today, people are able to protect themselves from almost anything in their lives by purchasing the right type of insurance. This, however, has led some people to think that they can take advantage of the system and get some easy money. Insurance frauds are punishable by the law in the United Kingdom and everywhere else in the world and you should never attempt to make one, no matter how desperate for money you may be.

Of all the insurance frauds, probably the most common one in Britain right now is feigning a whiplash injury as a result of car accident. The reason why it may be easy to claim a whiplash injury is that this is an injury to the soft tissue. All it really takes is a statement from the doctor that you are experiencing some of the symptoms of a whiplash injury and the insurance company will have to honour your claim.

But speaking of whiplash claims, some of the statistics are, very interesting, to say the least. Namely, the number of car accidents in the United Kingdom are in decline, and yet more and more people are claiming whiplash injuries.

There are two types of fraud that a person falsely claiming whiplash injury can make:

Soft Fraud

Soft frauds are frauds of opportunity. The person making the claim could very well be in a car accident and may even legitimately suffer from a whiplash injury, but he will exaggerate the extent of his or her injuries to get a larger sum of money paid to him by the insurance company.

Hard Fraud

This is the worse case scenario in which the claimant plans the entire insurance scam. For example, the person making the whiplash claim and his accomplice may buy two cheap vehicles, get a minimum insurance coverage on one and a comprehensive coverage on the other vehicle and then stage a false crash to make a whiplash claim.

Why do People Make False Whiplash Claims?

Because it's easy, that's why. If you can get a doctor that fails to perform the right tests for the whiplash injury, or if he simply doesn't pay enough attention, it gets very easy to make a fake whiplash claim. These types of injuries usually can't be detected by an x-ray scanner since they are related to the soft tissues. This leads to some people lying to their doctors about the injury or its symptoms by simply naming a few.

What are the Consequences of Making a Fraudulent Whiplash Claim?

If the insurance company catches you making a fraudulent whiplash claim you may face some serious legal consequences. The penalty depends on whether you've made a soft or hard fraud, but usually these frauds go in the category of “misdemeanours”. This means that the person found guilty of fraud could be facing a year in prison, hundreds of pounds in fines and getting dropped by the insurance company he tried to fool. Finally, any future insurance this person tries to take will have very high premiums.

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