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Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head is jerked forward, sideways or backwards. The sudden, and usually painful movement of the neck causes its muscles to extend, which can lead to serious soft tissue injuries.

  • Now for the really important question that we get asked the most here at Dunsford Claims: how much can I make on a whiplash claim? This is a personal injury claim, so the compensation you will be granted depends on how severe is the injury you suffered and how heavy are the losses you incurred. Our partners at can give you further advice in determining your whiplash claims eligibility.

    Since whiplash can have a different effect depending on a person involved, with some people suffering only minor neck injury, others experiencing severe neck pain and stiffness for days or weeks, and some suffering chronic neck and back pain coupled by a reduced range of motion in the neck and muscle spasms, the best way to get an estimate on how much you can get for a whiplash claim, is to use the interactive claim calculator provided on the Dunsford Claims website.

Whiplash Injury Not Your Fault? You Are Entitled To A Whiplash Compensation!

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